Seasonal Maintenance Overview

The seasonal cycle is a never-ending continuous cyclic pattern of weather changes. Each season has different fun activities that you like to undertake as a hobby and keep the fun going. Your vehicle is likely one of the most constant items you tag along during each of your activities during this your operations. During the different seasons, there are different services that you may want to consider for your vehicle.

Here at Kia of West Nyack, our trained team of professionals are at your service to give your car a professional personalized and analytical diagnostic of services to suit prevailing conditions. Some of the car services include;

  • Wheel alignment
  • Change of fluids and oils
  • Part installation and alterations
  • Battery changes and installation

In addition to general servicing, there are other services that we provide that may be beneficial. Visit us in West Nyack, NY, to enhance the longevity of your car with the help of our experienced team of professionals.

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