Important Belts and Hoses in Your Vehicle

When we think about having a problem with one of our vehicles, most people think about an engine going out or some other part malfunctioning. However, the belts and hoses on your car play a critical role in your vehicle's operation. It is important that they be properly maintained.

The serpentine belt is the belt that drives many engine accessories. If this belt breaks, your vehicle will not operate. This belt should be checked for wear whenever you are in for regularly scheduled maintenance. It should be replaced about every 60,000 miles. Coolant hoses should also be checked for wear. Any hose that looks in poor shape should be replaced right away.

If you need to have your belts and hoses checked or replaced, contact the service center of Kia of West Nyack located in West Nyack, NY. The service technicians can provide all the regularly scheduled maintenance that your vehicle needs, and they can repair your vehicle as needed.

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