How to Change a Flat Tire Fast

If you get a flat tire, the first thing you need to do is get to a safe spot. Try to choose a flat location on concrete, so your jack won't sink and your car won't roll. Once you're in a safe location, turn off your car, and engage the emergency brake.

Next, locate your jack, spare tire, and tools needed to change the flat. Remove wheel covers, and then loosen the lug nuts before jacking up your car. If the nuts are tight and won't move use penetrating oil to loosen them up.

Once the lug nuts are loosened, begin to jack up your vehicle. It's important to jack up the vehicle at least 6 inches of the ground. If you notice any instability of your vehicle, lower the jack slightly. Next, remove the lug nuts and pull off the wheel with both hands.

Now, you're ready to replace the flat tire with a spare. Align the spare tire with the wheel bolts. Replace the lug nuts and tighten. Use a wrench to secure before lowering to the ground.

After you've placed your spare tire on the vehicle, you'll need to visit our service center at Kia of West Nyack located in West Nyack, NY to have a new tire placed on the vehicle.

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