Infotainment Systems Change the Meaning of Vehicle Safety on the Streets of West Nyack

If you have any interest in vehicles, you’ve probably heard the term infotainment thrown around in recent years. In all actuality, this term isn’t that new, originating in the 1980s to refer to the part of the vehicles console where various gauges, multimedia, and climate control options are located.

Nowadays, you find that this term more specifically refers to advanced dashboard display systems with computer interfaces. These contain GPS displays, hands-free digital communications, multimedia controls, and various easy to read at a glance, statistics about your vehicle.

While these often have touch controls, they also famously tend to respond quite well to voice commands. These allow for quicker study of a cars readouts, as well as a distraction free way to communicate and control multimedia and navigation. The end result is safer driving for everyone, due to the reduced distractions and time not looking at the road. To learn more about infotainment systems, and just how important they are in your vehicle, come on over to Kia of West Nyack today.

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