Can You Find the Best Auto Mechanic?

Will a mechanic charge you a two-hour minimum labor fee even when the actual repair work takes far less time? Perhaps you didn't think of asking the question before. You might be the trusting soul who sees the good in all mechanics. Such an optimistic outlook may lead you to spend a great deal of money on subpar repair work. A better strategy involves picking the right mechanic for any intended service.

Selecting the right mechanic consists of performing the necessary work to learn about the local garages. Determine whether the garage charges reasonable prices and hires employees capable of working on your specific make, model, and year. Otherwise, you may not get the best -- or even competent -- service.

Look at the garage's Better Business Bureau rating. See if customers lodged serious complaints. Checking out traditional reviews at online consumer sites makes sense, too. You want to see a clear picture of what to expect.

At our service department in West Nyack, NY, our mechanics work hard to meet your needs. Bring your car to Kia of West Nyack the next time trouble arises.

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