Operational Functions for a Transfer Case

A transfer case is a gearbox that strategically directs energy to various axles underneath an automobile. During towing routines in wilderness environments, a transfer case makes the process of transporting heavy cargo easier by distributing power to wheels that need increased traction.

When a transfer case operates, many gears rotate and spin underneath the housing. In order to prevent major mechanical problems, proper fluids must be used during maintenance routines. Professional-grade fluid reduces temperatures so that intense heat won't damage key components.

If a transfer case isn't properly maintained, major problems will occur. For example, when old fluid isn't drained, contaminates will stick to the housing. Once this happens, the main hardware may begin to generate sounds. In most cases, when a transfer case is noisy, other problems will affect how efficiently the hardware changes modes throughout driving routines.

By visiting our service center at Kia of West Nyack, you can resolve minor transfer case issues before they develop into major problems. Our crews troubleshoot and repair transfer case hardware for locals throughout the West Nyack, NY and surrounding areas.

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