A Clay Bar Is Useful for Detailing Your Vehicle

Even if you are very diligent about washing and detailing your vehicle regularly, you still may not be cleaning the exterior thoroughly enough to protect the clear-coat over the lifetime of the vehicle. Small airborne particles can accumulate on the paint and possibly cause damage such as rust spots.

Using a clay bar to pick up these particles can prevent this accumulation and help maintain the original condition of the paint finish. You will need a clay bar and a clay lubricant. First, apply the lubricant to a small area of the vehicle. Then, rub the clay bar across the same section several times until it glides across smoothly. Fold over the clay and clean a new section in the same manner.

We here at Kia of West Nyack can detail your vehicle so that it looks fresh and new. Bring your vehicle in today, and we will provide this and any other needed service.



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