Don't Ignore a Spongy Brake Pedal

The feeling of a soft or spongy brake pedal can be a very unnerving experience, especially if it is noticed while driving. A soft brake pedal can be a sign of a minor issue or a huge problem, but in either case, it should not be ignored. Vehicle braking systems are almost exclusively hydraulic.

As such, the response of the brake pedal is typically direct feedback of what is happening at the wheels. Therefore, a soft pedal directly translates to a loose grip of the brake pads on the brake rotor. While stopping may still be possible, this is a very dangerous condition.

The most common cause of a spongy pedal is air in the braking system. As a hydraulic system, the introduction of air can result in pockets of air that compress and expand under pressure. This ability to compress drastically reduces the power applied to the brakes through the brake pedal, resulting in a loose and spongy feel. Air is commonly introduced when brake service is performed by careless technicians. This is why it is vital to gain the proper knowledge of your brake system before attempting any service.

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