Lifestyle Is Important When Choosing New Floor Mats

Rather your existing floormats are reaching the end of their life, or you are looking for something new that better suits your vehicle, aftermarket floor mats provide you with a variety of choices. The two main types, All-weather, and carpeted floor mats, both have their advantages and disadvantages to consider depending on your lifestyle and other preferences.

If you lead the type of lifestyle that often finds you outdoors, or live in an area that often has wet or inclement weather, all-weather floor mats made of rubber are probably your best option. They are both durable and very easy to clean, but they can be limited in their color choice, usually only offering a few color options.

Carpeted floor mats still offer great protection, with the added benefit of coming in a wide variety of colors and custom fits. If you do not often find yourself tracking in mud or water to your vehicle, and prefer a color that matches or compliments your interior, these are the best mats for you.

Both types are available to look at and purchase in our showroom at Kia of West Nyack, so stop in today.



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