Prevent Costly Repairs with Belt and Hose Changes

Every vehicle uses hoses and belts to run the engine's mechanical system. Like any parts, hoses and belts often become worn after extended periods of use. Due to this, it is necessary to change these parts as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance.

When you hear cracking or squealing under the hood, it could be due to a damaged serpentine belt. This particular belt is responsible for handling most of your vehicle's power. Once it breaks, the vehicle can lose power steering or overheat.

Coolant tubes are also important parts of a vehicle's system. These hoses are responsible for distributing antifreeze to the radiator and heating components. When these hoses become brittle or cracked, they require immediate replacement.

If you are noticing strange noises coming from your car, it may be time for a hose or belt change. Contact Kia of West Nyack in West Nyack, NY for service assistance.

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