What Does the Alternator Under the Car Hood Do?

Getting the charging system maintained at the local service center is the best way to ensure all those things you take for granted when driving will be there when you need them the most.

The alternator charges when the car is running, and it does all the heavy lifting. A common misconception is the car battery does power all the car systems, but it is in fact, the alternator that makes sure you enjoy those luxuries as you drive each day.

The car alternator is responsible for powering the gauges on your car's dash, the air conditioning, the defroster, the power seats, the heater, the door locks, the exterior lighting, the interior lighting, the radio, and all charging stations too.

Bring your vehicle down to our team at Kia of West Nyack so we can check for any signs of trouble with the alternator and put your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule.

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