Three Ways to Restore Your Car's Headlights

As your car ages, it's headlights can become clouded and yellow. This can cause your headlights to emit a duller light since it is clouded by dirty, foggy glass. Thankfully, there are a few home remedies that work pretty well if you want to get your headlights looking like new.

One common method for restoring headlights is the use of insect repellant. You'll need to purchase a repellant that contains the chemical DEET. To restore your headlights, you'll just spray some repellant on a rag and buff your headlights with it. Be careful not to get any repellant on your car's paint since it can eat away at it.

Sometimes, rubbing your headlights with sandpaper can also do the trick. You'll want to be careful to choose the correct grade of sandpaper. If you don't you could damage your headlights beyond repair.

Perhaps one of the easiest, most successful ways to restore your headlights is by purchasing a DIY headlights restoration kit. This kit contains all the materials you need to restore your headlights as well as step-by-step instructions for completing the process.

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