Know the Reasons Your Engine May Be Overheating

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle, and it’s important to know how to take care of it and how to prevent overheating. Our entire staff at Kia of West Nyack can educate you on engine maintenance and ways to prevent the engine from overheating. However, before you can prevent overheating, it’s important what type of things can cause overheating.

The coolant system malfunctioning is usually the biggest cause of engine overheating. If the fluid can’t run smoothly through the cooling system and to the engine, it will overheat. It’s important to watch the coolant levels and the temperature gauge on your vehicle. Things that can cause a coolant system to malfunction are busted or plugged hoses, leaky radiator, bad pump, a faulty thermostat or broken fan.

If you still have some questions or concerns about your vehicle’s engine, bring it to our shop in West Nyack, NY and allow us to service it for you.

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