Should Winter Tires Be Removed In The Summer?

Kia of West Nyack in West Nyack, NY knows that there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to what is the right type of tire to use. It's important that you have the right information so that your vehicle performs at its best. You shouldn't use winter tires when the weather heats up.

Winter tires are designed for a specific purpose. They are made to provide excellent traction when the temperatures are cold and there is snow and ice on the roads. The rubber content of these tires is designed to be suppler in cold weather.

In the heat of the summer, winter tires don't hold up well. The rubber becomes soft, and this causes the tires to wear out faster than they normally would during winter driving. Winter tires won't give you good traction in the summer. You won't get the gas mileage you should using winter tires during the warmer months.

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