If you love cleaning hacks, you'll love what we've got for you. Cleaning tips aren't just for the house. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve the cleanliness of your car's interior and improving the smell of your car is a big one. While hanging scented trees in your car can help, they only mask odors like wet dog and cigarette smoke. Here are a couple of tips to eliminate the source of the odor.

Baking soda is a tried and true ingredient to getting rid of unpleasant odors. You might be used to putting it in your refrigerator or closet, but it can also do wonders for eliminating odors in your car. Just put a bowl of it in your car for a couple of days. Or you can sprinkle it on upholstery then vacuum it up.

If you love citrus, you'll love this hack. Put some lemon or orange peels in your car to absorb unpleasant smells.

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