When it comes to tough winter driving conditions in West Nyack, NY, any advantage you can gain is a major benefit. One important yet commonly overlooked adjustment you can make to your vehicle is to change out your regular wiper blades for winter wiper blades. These heavy-duty blades are specially equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

One unique feature of these blades is the shell that encases the blade. Rather than being open, as summer blades are, these blades are one solid piece, meaning that they won't become a giant block of snow and ice during a winter storm. In addition, these blades are built more robustly, meaning they can push away a fairly significant amount of ice and snow. Just be sure not to overload your windshield wiper motors in the process.

At Kia of West Nyack, we're proud to offer several varieties of winter wiper blades that are perfect for your vehicle. Stop by our service department to see them for yourself.

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