Motor Oil Myths: Let's Talk About Two of the Most Common

Motor oil is the blood of your vehicle's engine. That's why there's a lot of advice floating out there about it. Is that advice true or is it just a myth? Let's look at two

The first myth is that you should change the oil before you go on any long road trip. This is only true if your vehicle is going to be due for the service before you get back. So, if you need an oil change in 500 miles and your round trip is 1000 miles, get it changed before you go. But, if it's due after the trip, get it done when you return.

The second myth is that you can change the oil without changing the filter. Technically, it's true, but it's a bad idea. A dirty filter will contaminate your clean oil and potentially damage your engine. Get your oil changed here at Kia of West Nyack in West Nyack, NY.

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