New Kia K5 For Sale In West Nyack NY Near Yonkers NY

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You Won't Want to Miss the New Kia K5 in West Nyack

Replacing the outgoing Optima, the Kia K5 is a midsize sedan that was designed to keep your whole family happy on the road. You get to choose from two different engines and can even go with all-wheel drive on select trims. Which model of the all-new Kia K5 will look best in your driveway?

Safety Features

Your commute in Yonkers can feel safer than ever in the new K5. All models get the following driver aids:

  • Driver attention monitoring
  • Automatic high beams
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning/lane keep assist
  • Pedestrian detection

When you choose select models, the K5 adds more driver assistance to its equipment. You can get adaptive cruise control and safe exit assist, for example. Other options include highway driving assist, blind-spot monitoring, and reverse automatic emergency braking.


A 180-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine comes standard in the K5. It provides you with 195 lb-ft of torque, meaning you can count on swift acceleration when you need it. The is also an optional turbocharged 2.5L engine to consider. Reserved for the GT model, it can create 290-horsepower along with 311 lb-ft of torque.

Trim Levels

Be sure to check out all five trim levels of the new K5. All are great choices for life around White Plains and Spring Valley, NY. The entry-level LX is not lacking in features, giving you wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, along with an 8-inch touchscreen. Another choice available to you is the LXS, which includes push-button start, an automatic hands-free trunk lid, and remote keyless entry.

For the GT-Line, Kia adds two USB ports for the backseat. This sporty model is also rocking its own exterior and interior accents to help it stand out from the pack. Today's latest luxury features, including wireless device charging and climate-controlled seats, are found on the EX. The GT is where you find extra horsepower, along with a sport-tuned suspension.

Everyone at Kia of West Nyack is excited to share the all-new K5 with the community. Get in touch with our Kia dealership near New City to browse our new Kia inventory today and learn more about taking a test drive.

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